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Often we think of concrete being permanent and stable. While this is true, it is also true that concrete is dependent upon the soil that it rests upon. That soil is constantly changing, with weather, improper compaction, poor water drainage, and other issues. These issues can cause voids under slabs and eventually the slab will settle causing other problems such as wet basements and tripping hazards.

We at Powerpump concrete offer solutions for your concrete slab problem. The two basic options that we offer are slabjacking or replacement. While we offer both options, concrete leveling or slabjacking is by far a preferred option often saving as much as 70% over replacement, relatively little mess, and the concrete slab can be used immediately. If the problematic concrete slab is too damaged to accommodate slabjacking, we offer professional concrete replacement using the highest quality materials available and excellent workmanship.


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Case Study: Crack Repair of the Century

We repaired the Grand Canyon. Before: After:   All joking aside.... Unsealed control joints and cracks in your concrete can lead to larger problems. One of the guarantees... [more]
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