Concrete Leveling & Repair

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Crack Repair

Why are there cracks in concrete?


  • Some cracks are meant to be there. They are called control joints and are typically cut in after the concrete is poured to prevent random cracking.
  • Random cracks are often caused by stress on concrete such a heavy load on top or often a void underneath the slab.





Why should cracks in concrete be repaired?


  • cracks in a concrete slab can enable water to penetrate and make voids underneath the slab which in turn, will cause settling.
  • Unrepaired cracks can deteriate to the point of no longer being repairable.
  • Repaired cracks prevent unsightly weeds from growing up and needing to be pulled.
  • In the winter snow melt gets in the cracks, freezes and expands causing the cracks to widen.




We at Powerpump Concrete have extensive experience at repairing cracks. Through all of this we have refined the process, learned the best methods, and researched the best materials.



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